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Trade Effectiveness
In today’s consumer centric world, with the infinite choices available to consumers in terms of price, quality and design, targeting right trade promotions to the intended customer sector becomes very important to CG companies. To maximize the Return on Investments, CG companies need targeted Business Intelligence that tells them their trade spend, consumption, order and shipment positions. RetailSignal Trade Promotion Effectiveness implementation solutions on Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides analytics to help CG companies react to changing demand patterns quickly and sustain their competitiveness and operational efficiencies.
Retail Signal Analysis provides CG companies valuable insight to analyze Promotion ROI, Trade Rate, Funds allocation and Distribution and other strategic and tactical KPIs . Retail Signal Analysis also helps to gauge the impact of promotional tactics like display, feature and price reduction on the company’s promotions.
Retail adapters for seamless data flow for Walmart, Safeway, Bestbuy, A.C Nielsen, SAP & more