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Retailer Adapters

RetailSignal has pre-packaged Retail Adapters to bring in POS/Sales/Inventory Data from retailers into Oracle Demand Signal Repository seamlessly without writing any code or customizations. RetailSignal’s adapters are completely metadata driven and are written in open standards platform (java). These adapters greatly reduce the cycle time between receiving the data file and supplying data to Oracle DSR, thus reducing cost and complexity of IT solutions and empowering Supply Chain managers to analyze consumption data and demand signals.

RetailSignal provides pre-built adapters to DSR for more than 120 retailers including:

  • Syndicated Data Sources – IRI and A.C Nielsen
  • Generic EDI 852
  • Target
  • Safeway
  • Bestbuy
  • Comp USA
  • Walmart Retail Link , Walmart EDI 852
  • And many more... ( See complete list here)

RetailSignal updates its Adapter metadata regularly with changed retailer data formats and veils CG companies from the complexity of maintaining these formats.
Retail adapters for seamless data flow for Walmart, Safeway, Bestbuy, A.C Nielsen, SAP & more