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POS Data Aggregation
The challenges of working with POS data arise from the diverse ways Retailers share the POS data with the Manufacturer. Retailers send different fields of information with different item codes, different time periods, different currencies, and different levels of summarization. Many use EDI standards, but even then there are many variations in how the transactions are assembled. Other retailers develop proprietary data formats or use web portals to distribute data to their vendors. So the first challenge is translating all these different data contents and formats into a common "normalized" data warehouse and eventually into “star schema” data warehouse to optimize the maximum query performance for reporting.

With all the variation in retailer data, the next challenge is finding commonalities that allow the information to be combined and analyzed. This means providing for data reported by some retailers but not others, and accounting for differing fiscal periods and levels of granularity- some might deliver information by store while others supply it by warehouse or for only the chain.

RetailSignal’s powerful ETL features and Retail Adapters abstract the data cleansing and translation processes, providing a harmonized data warehouse built from disparate data sources.

Retail adapters for seamless data flow for Walmart, Safeway, Bestbuy, A.C Nielsen, SAP & more