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Performance and Scalability
Performance Improvements are huge bottlenecks in the company’s BI strategy. RetailSignal can assist in identifying the performance strategy, depending on the setup (both hardware and environment) as well as understanding the key requirements. RetailSignal has created a next generation touch screen executive appliance with drag and drop capabilities to retrieve the information at your finger tips.
  • Architecture Planning
  • Data Maintenance & Support
  • Re-engineering
  • ETL Design
  • Data warehouse Performance & Scalability

Data Volume:

Data size matters. Algorithms that work efficiently on 100 GB data warehouses don't necessarily succeed on 10 TB data warehouses, which are 100 times as large. Even though architecture is designed for scalability, some aspects of system behaviour can be overlooked and not actually surface until the products are used in production conditions. RetailSignal helped several customers to load huge POS data volume with optimum performance using advance techniques such as Partition Exchange Loading and performance tuning methods.

Stability under Heavy Load:

It is one thing to have a data warehouse that contains terabytes of data and supports a few batch reports or a few online queries. Stability is consistent availability and consistently good performance in the presence of continuing, demanding, diverse and changing use. RetailSignal has extensive experience in enabling the stability to handle huge POS data.

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