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RetailSignal normalises the common factor between the CG companies and Retailers by consolidating POS data across retailers and seamlessly harmonizing it with Shipments, Sales, Trade Spend, Promotion, fund, Forecasts, Sales, Invoices and syndicated data coming from internal and external sources. This helps CG companies to make an optimal decisions on category management, promotion, trade rate, supply chain, pricing assortment, and marketing functions as well as feed this store/SKU granularity information into down stream applications like Demand Management, Predictive Trade Planning and Value Chain applications.
CG companies have historically based their demand knowledge on little more than their own shipment records, augmented with aggregate syndicated data.
Today leading retailers share store-level point of sale (POS) and inventory data directly with their suppliers. RetailSignal has designed retailer specific adaptors to manage downstream demand data sources with true scalability, extensibility and performance. These adaptors will load the data into Oracle Demand Signal Repository and converts disparate sets of downstream data into consumer insights to enable improved decision making and execution. This improves retailer and supplier interaction as it shifts the focus from finding common ground to pursuing joint value creation activities. RetailSignal provides a one stop solution to bring different syndicated data sources into Demand Signal Repository and reduces IT cost of custom software development.
Retail adapters for seamless data flow for Walmart, Safeway, Bestbuy, A.C Nielsen, SAP & more