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Demand Signal Repository
Oracle Demand Signal Repository (DSR) helps manufacturers collect detailed retailer point of sale and other demand data, analyze it to identify issues and opportunities, and respond using a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)-enabled services library. Oracle Demand Signal Repository supports most typical retail data sources at the day and SKU level of detail, including:

  • Daily point-of-sale
  • On-hand inventory at the store and retail distribution center
  • Store orders and receipts
  • Retail distribution center withdrawals
  • Returns
  • Store promotions
  • Sales forecasts
Demand Signal Repository transforms retailer data into manufacturer terms, including manufacturer item identification, manufacturer hierarchies, and calendars– so that direct retail data can be analyzed and reported on in either the manufacturer's terms or the terms of each individual retailer. A high-performance data loading facility cleanses the data and allocates it to a uniform set of dimension levels. The Demand Signal Repository data model is based on the Oracle Data Warehouse for Retail (ODWR) data model, adapted to a manufacturer point of view. Pre-built reporting and dashboard templates support category management and trading partner score carding. Users can develop additional reports that combine data in customer-specific ways.

Does your company want to become more demand-driven?

Demand Signal Repository (DSR) leverages external demand data to lower out-of-stocks at the store shelf and improve execution of promotions and new product introductions. The result is a more demand-driven enterprise with increased revenue and reduced costs due to better demand planning, more accurate retail execution, and a more streamlined IT environment.

A DSR is a data warehouse of retailer and consumer activity, including demand, replenishment, merchandising, sales, and marketing. Although often known as a "POS data warehouse", a DSR extends well beyond retail POS by merging many varied sources of information, such as syndicated data, ERP shipments and quotas, retailer forecasts, and demographics.

Integrate Clean, Harmonized Demand Data to Other Applications

Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides clean, harmonized demand and inventory data to complementary applications like demand planning, trade promotion analysis and optimization, sales and operations planning, retail execution, and product lifecycle management via web services. This web services-based approach enables Oracle Demand Signal Repository to support systemic operational improvements in a wide variety of functional areas through integration with other applications—even in highly heterogeneous application environments.

RetailSignal offers pre-built adaptors to Cleanse, Harmonizes and Load demand chain data from all of your customers into a Relational Data Warehouse, and provides multi-level analysis to your users. It is also a source of information to your other enterprise applications.

Retail adapters for seamless data flow for Walmart, Safeway, Bestbuy, A.C Nielsen, SAP & more